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Thread: Exporting Multi-Response Answers to SPSS

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    Exporting Multi-Response Answers to SPSS

    A user has reported an issue in the current live release (5.8.45) which may affect customers using SPSS to analyse their exported answer data. It doesnít affect STATA users or those using other tools that load the answer data from the .csv export files.

    This issue will only affect projects that use multi-response questions. If you are not exporting to SPSS or your questionnaire doesnít use multi-response questions the issue wonít affect you.

    The issue affects the .sps file (which contains the information needed to load the answer data into SPSS). It has two parts:
    • The columns holding the selected individual responses for Response List Multi-Response questions have been defined in the wrong place in the file, meaning the answer columns can be displaced when the answers are imported into SPSS.
    • The primary answer column for both Response List and Dynamic Multi-Response questions has been defined as a number. Because the answer is an array of values separated by semi-colons, it needs to be defined as string (a text value).
    The primary answer column holds the array of selected responses for a multi-response question.
    Response List Multi-Response questions use a response list to create answer options, and produce a primary answer column containing an array and a column for each answer option.
    Dynamic Multi-Response questions use SQL to create answer options, and produce a single primary answer column containing an array.

    This issue has been resolved in the current development version of Surveybe and will be released in due course. If you are currently affected by this issue a revised version of the Designer is available on request from support@surveybe.com.

    If you have any questions about this issue, or general questions about exporting or multi-response questions that arenít answered in the manual, please post them in the forum or contact support@surveybe.com.

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    Issue Resolved in Current Live Release

    This issue has been completely resolved in the current live release of Surveybe, 5.10.241.

    You can find details of all the changes in this new release (which replaces version 5.8.45) in the changes guide which you'll find in the downloads section in the client area of the surveybe website.

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