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Thread: Potential Issue With Item List Rosters on Android devices

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    Potential Issue With Item List Rosters on Android devices

    As part of our continuous process of deployment and testing of Surveybe, one of our research teams has discovered a potential issue with item list rosters. This issue has caused an issue on just one project Ė it only affects users who currently or expect to be:
    • Running the Implementer on Android devices
    • Using multi-language functionality and change languages when an interview is open
    • Have item list rosters in the questionnaire
    • Are displaying the item description column in the roster
    Unless all of this applies you can ignore the indented sections. If all four factors are in place there is a small possibility you may be affected by an important issue. Please read the following carefully. This issue affects all versions of the Android Implementer currently in use (up to and including 5.8.45 for clients, and later beta test versions in use on in house projects)
    When creating an item list the Designer allows you to update the default item list item IDís for each item. These IDís are created as a sequence of consecutive numbers (1,2,3). Occasionally there may be gaps introduced into the sequence (1,2,5,7). In both these scenarios there is no cause for concern.

    If you have an item list with IDís that are out of sequence like this: 1,2,22,23,3 (for example because youíve added additional items after testing) there is a possibility of problems. Whenever the displayed language is changed within an interview, the item description column is being sorted into ID order instead of row order. This means the item description associated with each row will be incorrect from the row with an out of sequence ID onwards.

    Surveybe allows interviewers to move freely between languages so there is no mechanism to identify whether the display language changed in the course of the interview. Because of this itís not possible to know which item description was displayed when answers were collected for this row. This will mean the integrity of any answers in the roster from the affected row onward could be questioned.

    If all four of the conditions mentioned above are true and you believe your questionnaire may be impacted by this problem please send it to support@surveybe.com so we can check. Please donít send questionnaires if any of the 4 conditions are not met, as you wonít have a problem.
    To Avoid This Issue

    If you are planning to use Item list rosters with out of sequence IDís: Please suppress display of the item list description in your roster and use a reference table to populate a label in your roster with the description instead. You can use the language token in your SQL to handle translations. Using this method you can configure a computed answer to include the description in your answer data if you wish.

    Our technical team are working on a fix for this issue which we hope to include in the next public release.

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    Issue Resolved in Current Live Release

    This issue has been completely resolved in the current live release of Surveybe, 5.10.241.

    You can find details of all the changes in this new release (which replaces version 5.8.45) in the changes guide which you'll find in the downloads section in the client area of the surveybe website.

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