There is a new release of surveybe available on the surveybe website. This release will be of particular interest to clients using the Surveybe for Android Implementer. If you are only using the Windows version of the Implementer there is no benefit to upgrading from version 5.8.13, although you may wish to do so if you are using an earlier version.

If you are using the Android implementer we recommend you install this updated version if it is possible to do so.

The new release contains two critical updates for Android Implementer users:
  • It contains enhanced protection to prevent interviewers opening two interviews at once
  • It will allow you to use Surveybe with the latest version of Android, version 7, Nougat
When you open an interview in the 5.8.13 Implementer the implementer currently disables the interview open buttons on the dashboard. Under some rare circumstances it’s possible to start to open a second interview before the button disables. This can crash the Implementer. If the correct procedure is not followed to deal with this situation the original interview can be corrupted. The revised version prevents this happening.

There are two further updates:
  • An issue that can occasionally affect validation from the dashboard has been resolved
  • A version of the Sample Questionnaire is now included when downloading the Implementer from the Play store
The sample questionnaire can be used by new users to familiarise themselves with the look and feel of the surveybe for Android Implementer without needing to separately transfer a questionnaire to the Android device.

If you are upgrading from a version before 5.8.13 please read the current transition guide for 5.8.13 which is equally valid for 5.8.24. There is also a changes guide for 5.8.13 which will new features introduced this version and link to guides covering changes from earlier versions..

If you are upgrading from 5.8.13 you won’t need to read this guide, but please note the following:
  • Both versions use the same licence, so you won’t need to re-licence
  • 5.8.13 and 5.8.24 use the same Designer and Implementer databases so your existing questionnaires and interviews will still be available
  • Remember to install the new version of the Designer using the licenced username. This is username you use to run the Designer normally, not a separate admin username
  • If you’re using Android, you can only have one version of the Implementer installed at a time. This makes it difficult for interviewers to work with two versions at once
If you gave any questions or need any further information please contact