We have had two reports of disappearing buttons occurring in the implementer. In one case this affected buttons used to access sub-screens on a questionnaire and in the other the 'New Interview' button on the Implementer dashboard.

If you are not experiencing this issue it is unlikely to affect you and no further action is needed.

This is a display issue - although the buttons do not appear, the functionality remains and the area of the screen can still be clicked.

This problem seems to be specific to Java 8 and particular hardware units. There's a straightforward way to resolve the issue if it happens on your PCs.

The problem is caused by an interaction between Java, a Windows Graphics API and the individual PC. The Direct3D(D3D) graphics API for Microsoft Windows is there to provide hardware accelerated 3D rendering (which is useful for 3D game’s performance). Since the Surveybe Implementer doesn't require accelerated graphics we can configure Java not to use this route.

The steps outlined in the attached Word document Environment Variable Setup.zip will prevent Java using the problem API and will resolve the issue.

You'll need to be logged in to the forum to download the Word document, which has been zipped.

We are investigating alternative fixes for this issue with Java.

As usual, please contact the support team if you have any questions or have any problems downloading or opening the attachment.