We've found that the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security can intercept the first attempt of the image capture functionality to access the PC's camera. It's possible other security software will do something similar.

This check is to prevent applications accessing the PC camera without the user knowing about it. In Kaspersky this dialogue appears: Doc2.pdf

Implementer users need to click Allow now or Trust this application to allow the Surveybe Implementer to access the camera. If you do this there will be no problems.

If you click 'Block now' the Implementer will close and you'll get 'Access Denied' error messages when you try to run it again.

To resolve this you'll need to remove the Implementer from the list of programs Kaspersky restricts access to. This is how it's done using Kaspersky. If other products cause the same problem it should be possible to resolve it using similar steps.
  • Open Kaspersky
From main Kaspersky screen (depending on the versions you should see a row of square panels including; Scan, Update, Safe Money, and so on),
  • Click on Settings which is below these panels
  • Click on Protection Center (on the left side menu)
  • Click Application Control (near the top)
  • Click Manage Applications (about half way down)
A Windows type dialogue will appear with Start and Restrictions at the top
  • Click Restrictions
  • Click Trusted (at the top of the list) to collapse that list so that you can see the Low Restricted list (or just scroll down to it)
  • Locate the version of the Surveybe Implementer that you were using on this list - it will be towards the end
  • Right click on the Implementer and select Remove from list from the sub-menu
When you've done all this it should then be possible to run the Surveybe Implementer normally.