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Thread: Things You Need To Know about Multi-Response Questions

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    Things You Need To Know about Multi-Response Questions

    The new Dynamic Multi-Response functionality introduced in version 4.2 of Surveybe Freedom makes it much quicker and easier to build these kinds of questions into your questionnaires, however it’s important to use Multi-response questions in the correct way to avoid unintended consequences:

    (1) Like Single Response questions, Multi-Response questions can only accept a single ‘other specify’ response. If you use more than one when completing a questionnaire, only the most recent one added will be saved (and exported). You’ll also run into problems if you try to use more than one 'don’t know' trigger.

    If you want to build a questionnaire that accepts more than one reason for not answering a multi-response question, or you need to accept more than one user specified alternative, take a look at these threads in the QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN forum.

    - I Want To Accept Additional Responses To My Multi-Response Question
    - I Want To Know Why My Multi-Response Question Is Unanswered

    (2) If you use 0 as a response code you won’t be able to analyse your multi-response answers using the individual columns in the exported data – you’ll have to use the array. This is better explained using an example:

    There is a multi-response question, MR_Question, which can be answered with up to four options, 0, 1,2 or -9 (Don’t Know). This shows the export of three interviews, 111 with all three options selected, 222 with just ‘Don’t Know’ selected and 333 with 0 and 2 selected.

    As you can see the column MRQuestion0 contains 0 whether or not the option has been selected.

    (3) You need to avoid using the identifier of the Multi-Response question as part of other question identifiers – if you have a question called MRQuestion1 you’ll have a problem when exporting – there will only be one MRQuestion1 column in the exported data.

    Version 4.3 includes validations that will prevent you adding too many triggers to a response list. We are currently investigating the best ways to prevent the other scenarios causing an issue if they are overlooked by the questionnaire designer.
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