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Thread: Exporting questionnaire and importing questionnaire to the implementer

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    Exporting questionnaire and importing questionnaire to the implementer

    I am recieving and error while trying to import a questionnaire in the implementer. the error message is "The questionnaire has no table selected. Unable to continue exporting"
    what should I do?

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    Hi Pdontsop,

    I guess you've resolved this yourself as we haven't had a support issue raised, but I'll answer the question for the benefit of other forum users.

    This is happening because the questionnaire is missing its table (sometimes called the base table).

    If you export a questionnaire with design alerts you can't expect it to run properly in the Implementer. It's important to resolve issues causing the Design alerts before exporting the questionnaire. This is why you get a warning when you export a questionnaire that still has design alerts.

    In this case the Design alert would read:
    ERROR QuestionnaireName "Please select a Questionnaire Table"
    If you have design alerts you don't understand, and a valid support contract, support@surveybe.com will be happy to help you understand the cause. In this case we will ask you to export the questionnaire with it's design alert and send it to us so we can import it into the Designer. This is normally (but not always) possible.


    Surveybe Support

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