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Thread: How to record GPS coordinates

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    How to record GPS coordinates

    Hi all,
    I want to create a GPS variable that allow to take the GPS coordinates automatically just by cliking on button,can someone help me to do that . I have a GPS USB key for the tablets.


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    Recording GPS Coordinates - Surveybe Support Response

    Hi birbaous,

    Surveybe doesn't yet have an interface that works with built in GPS hardware, so you can't include a button in your questionnaire that will automatically insert a GPS reading. We'd like to do this, but, particularly in a Windows environment, developing this is not as straightforward as you might think.

    We do have an Applet that we developed for our own internal projects. This works only with Bluetooth devices, not wired or integrated GPS.

    The app is not completely integrated, but if it works with your GPS equipment, it will reduce errors in entering the data.

    We are happy to share this application with clients, but unfortunately we’re not currently in a position to provide support for it or adapt it if it's not compatible with your hardware.

    The string returned looks something like this: -1.1060101,30.685438,1518.8

    Note that the specific GPS model being used by EDI appears to have been superseded by a new model so you may have difficulty obtaining this specific model. You will need to test it with your proposed hardware as unfortunately we are not able to test or endorse any particular unit. It is likely that current versions of the device will work in the same way.

    Here is some more general information about our GPS applet:
    The GPS applet works in a 'semi-automatic' environment by copying GPS co-ordinates from a hand-held Bluetooth GPS device, allowing the interviewer to then paste the GPS string directly into Surveybe Freedom via a response field ('text' answer type). This saves them from having to manually type in GPS co-ordinates thereby reducing error.

    The applet was originally designed to be used on a specific GPS hardware model that has now been discontinued. Our sister company in Tanzania have recently ordered this model for our own field research: http://www.globalsat.co.uk/product_p...oth_bt359s.htm which is an updated version of the discontinued unit.
    In principle our application would work with other Bluetooth devices. However we cannot guarantee that other devices will follow the same standards used by this device. Unfortunately it would be difficult for us to provide a proper level of technical backup to integrate with other devices if this became problematic.
    In order to use the applet, you would need to do the following:
    1. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is switched on and that it is paired with your PC
    2. Unzip the folder provided and double click on the batch file (BluetoothGPS.bat)
    3. A small pop-up box (‘Bluetooth GPS Reader’) will appear - click on the ‘Connect’ button
    4. Another pop-up box will then appear (‘Choose Bluetooth Device’) in which you will need to select the relevant Bluetooth GPS device from the list
    5. A further box appears while the software searches for services on the Bluetooth device. Select one of the services.
    6. Once connected, click on the ‘Read’ button (now enabled) in the ‘Bluetooth GPS Reader’ box. This will automatically copy the GPS reading to the clipboard so that it can then be pasted into Surveybe. Every time you click ‘Read’ the GPS co-ordinates will be re-recorded and repasted to the clipboard.

    We can provide you with a short video to illustrate the key parts of the above instructions, and with the app itself. If you would like these we can make them available using a Dropbox folder. Contact Support@Surveybe.com if you would like us to do this.

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    View GPS capture with surveybe on you tube

    Dear All - you may be interested to view a short you tube clip about how this works at: http://youtu.be/oKnXMvadUKk

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    Remember if you're running Surveybe for Android with a device that has a GPS sensor (most tablets do) the Implementer can use this to capture GPS readings from the device itself.

    Set the answer type to GPS in the Designer. When the questionnaire is run in Android the interviewer can click to collect a GPS reading from the device. When the questionnaire is run in Windows, the same question will accept a text answer pasted in fro the app.

    The app discussed in these posts is still useful if you are using Windows devices to run the Implementer.

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