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Thread: Java 8 - Development Preview Version

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    Java 8 - Development Preview Version

    Some clients may be aware that a new version of Java, version 8, is available. This version is a preview version, intended to allow application developers to test Java 8 itself, and if necessary revise their applications before a full release.

    This posting on java.com details the nature of the version 8 release.

    At the time of writing current releases of the Surveybe software are not compatible with Java 8. You should not download Java 8 until further notice.

    The current version of Java 7, available from the normal download page on java.com is safe to use - we have had no adverse test results or reports of issues from clients.

    Please contact support@surveybe.com or post here if you have any questions.

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    Important Update On Java 8

    Oracle have now made Java version 8 available from the primary download page at www.java.com.

    Itís important that you do not install this version until you are ready to upgrade to version 4.2 of the Surveybe application as Surveybe version 4.0 wonít run at all using Java 8

    You can install or upgrade to the latest Java version 7 using this link to the Java website. This version will work with all versions of Surveybe up to and including v4.2

    As we understand it, it should be safe to accept automatic Java updates until early next year as these should be updated versions of Java 7. Despite this, we would suggest you check the version of these updates before accepting them.

    If you have installed Java 8 and you need to run Surveybe youíll need to uninstall it and use the link above to install Java 7.71.

    As we previously noted our development team have ensured that our software is compatible with this significant release of Java from Oracle and we expect Surveybe 4.2 will be available in early November. This version of Surveybe will be able to run with either Java 7 (version 7.25 or later) or Java version 8.

    As before please contact support@surveybe.com or post here if you have any questions.

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    If you are linked or subscribed to this thread, this has just been posted in a new thread:

    Oracle have announced on their Java website that auto-updates to Java 7 will start to move users from version 7 to version 8 this month (January 2015).

    Accepting these updates will mean version 3 and 4.0 of the Surveybe Freedom applications will stop running.

    Versions 4.2 and 4.3 Surveybe Freedom will both work with Java 8 Ė If you are using one of these versions you donít need to take any action. If you or your field teams are using versions 3 or 4.0 itís important you read and understand the following.

    To avoid disruption, users of version 3 and 4.0 must not accept the Java auto-updates until their project is able to move to a current version of Surveybe Freedom.

    You can do this by declining updates when they are offered or you can find out how to switch off auto update using this link.

    The version 8 update will overwrite version 7, so users that accept the update and have problems will need to use Windows uninstall to remove it and re-install version 7. You can find advice on this using this link to the FAQ on the Java website.

    Oracle have announced they will support version 7 until April 2015. This means there will be no new version 7 releases after this date, but version 7 will continue to work Ė you will be able to continue running version 3 and 4.0 after this date for ongoing projects. If you donít have ongoing projects we would suggest you upgrade to the latest available version of Surveybe Freedom to enjoy the most up to date functionality.

    If anything is unclear or you have any questions not answered by the links to the Java website, please post here or e-mail support@surveybe.com

    Surveybe Support.

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