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Thread: Having Problems With Drag & Drop In The Designer?

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    Having Problems With Drag & Drop In The Designer?

    An issue with this has come to light after we installed Java 7.45. It doesn't seem to affect anyone using earlier versions of Java.

    To avoid the issue it's best not to update Java until the technical team have resolved the issue.

    The problem stops questionnaire designers drag and dropping components within or between questionnaires.

    It only happens after you've tried to drag a component from the toolbar into a questionnaire.

    If you've already updated Java, and it's happening to you, close and reopen the Designer and you'll be able to drag components around again. Avoid dragging new components from the toolbar. To create new components you can use one of the other three techniques:
    • The menu that appears when you right click on the parent component
    • If the parent component is already selected:
    • The main 'Edit' dropdown menu
    • The keyboard shortcuts
    It is possible to resolve this problem by reverting to an older version of Java - we would suggest that you use the workaround above unless you're very confident you can manage the process successfully, as it's more complicated than a normal update.

    The technical team are looking for a way to resolve this problem - we will update this post when a solution is found.

    Please contact Support@surveybe.com if you have any questions.

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    Fix For Drag and Drop Issue

    Version 3.1.5053 of surveybe Freedom contains a change which means this problem should no longer occur whichever version of Java you are using.

    At the time of writing version 5053 is available for download from the client area on the surveybe website.

    If you're unsure whether or not to update to this version, or you want to know what changes there are between your current version please contact support@surveybe.com or your client services consultant. Let us know your current version number when you contact us.

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