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  1. Questionnaire Reports From The Surveybe Freedom Designer
  2. Having Problems With Drag & Drop In The Designer?
  3. A Reminder About Backups
  4. V4.0: Multi-language is now released!
  5. Java 8 - Development Preview Version
  6. Important Notes on Auto ID Questionnaire Identifiers
  7. Are you using Surveybe Freedom 4.2.106?
  8. Java 8 Is Now Released - How This Affects You - IMPORTANT
  9. Things You Need To Know about Multi-Response Questions
  10. Important: Image Functionality - Avoiding Problems Caused By Security Software
  11. Disappearing Buttons In The Implementer
  12. Design Alert: The SQL Data Select for the Table contains a datatype mismatch.
  13. Windows 10 Webcam Issues - Possible Impact on Capturing Image Answers.
  14. Important Message For Surveybe For Android™ Implementer Users
  15. Potential Issue With Java 8 Update 161
  16. Potential Issue With Item List Rosters on Android devices
  17. Exporting Multi-Response Answers to SPSS
  18. Surveybe 5.10.241 Is Now Live.
  19. Surveybe 5.10.271/281 Is Now Live